Aug 10, 2015


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The kick off transnational training meeting between partners for the Tbridges Toursim was recently held in Athens Greece from the 6th to the 10th of July 2015.

The TBRIDGES project is a Tourism project between Africa and Europe – co-founded by the European Commission within the Erasmus + Program, Capacity Building on the field of youth and coordinated by the Academy of Entrepreneurship

The tourism project which seeks to promote tourism between Africa and Europe among the youth was attended by the IYEC Director Mercy Osei Owusu, as well as representatives from the partner countries that are Romania, Cape Verde, Italy and Greece partners.

At the meeting, the partners discussed and shared ideas about ways of promoting tourism between Africa and Europe   and  also discussed about the activities planning as well as tasks and roles each partner is responsible  for and the  next steps to be taken.

The various organizations made presentations of the various countries as well as the various touristic places in the respective countries.

There were various organizations that gave presentations at the transnational seminar from Greece.

All the partners were taken on a tour around the Athens city to view the history behind the street art culture in Athens.

The next meeting of the Project is yet to be Held in Cape Verde.

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Aug 9, 2015



The kick off meeting between the various partners for the BOEMI – Building our employment skills through Music Investigations and new media project was recently held in Palermo Italy from the 26th of April to the 1ST of May 2015.


The Music for youth empowerment  BOEMI is an innovative project – co-founded by the European Commission within the Erasmus + Program,  Capacity Building on the field of youth and coordinated by Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci”.

The project seeks to empower youth workers and young people with fewer opportunities by promoting their competences and skills and to foster an active participation in their local communities and also to build their self-confidence through music, new media as well as non-formal methodologies like Danilo Dolci’s Reciprocal Maieutic Approach – as tools for youth development and more specifically to raise employability skills of over 270 young people from Africa and Europe.

There are 5 countries from Africa and Europe that is (Creativo “Danilo Dolci”, Italy; Crossing Borders, Denmark; Pandora, Spain) and from Africa (IYEC, Ghana and Gno Far, Senegal) that are taking part in the project. The Director of IYEC, Mercy Osei Owusu who is also the project manager of the project represented IYEC at the Kick off Meeting in Palermo. The meeting  was also  represented by 3 people from each organization (among them, musicians, youth workers with musical background, youth interested in music and new media.

At the meeting, the partners discussed and shared ideas about the project’s area  and discussed about the activities planning as well as tasks and roles each partner is responsible  for and the  next steps to be taken.

Each partner will select a local working group that will carry out a research on traditional local music, collecting traditional songs that will be recorded and complied on the music platform of the project. The, youth and youth worker   involved in the project  will participate in an International Training Course to be held in Madrid Spain  in November, which will be followed by local workshops and a final concert in Palermo  Italy as well as in each of the partner countries.

This first  Kick off meeting, held in the Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci” Palermo Italy, has given way to the partners to have a first experience  of musical and cultural context of the other participant countries and to establish objectives, procedures and working methods for the future.

To find out more, please contact IYEC on  or fill the membership form on your site.


Iyec Ghana Volunteers and Youth workers promoting  the Tbridges Music Project

Jan 18, 2015


10943063_10152589963507060_1321136623_o 10935711_10152589963822060_1786918491_oInternational Youth Exchange Community IYEC, which is an Ngo based in Ghana and Europe working in the field of youth empowerment and development hosted the Digging Deep International Harvest Festival in Accra Ghana on the 22nd of October 2014
The project funded by the European Union Youth Action programme was a one year International project with partners from Italy, Slovenia, China and Ghana. It aimed at educating people in the communities in the various countries about the importance of gardening in the urban cities. There was a kick off meeting in China in early January which was followed up with an International meeting in Palermo Italy in April and Finally the Harvest Festival in Accra Ghana in October.
The project focused on 6 local workshops on urban gardening in the partner countries .The outcome of the workshops was the creation of the private and community gardens as well as the production of a hand book on urban gardening as an educational tool. In Ghana the Ashalley Botwe community benefited through the creation of the community garden and the benefits reaped ranged from increased food security through food production, poverty alleviation through creation of urban farmer jobs.
According to the youth that took part in the project the Community gardens have a shown to improve the quality of life for individuals, decreased crime rates, and beautified the neighborhood. As grassroots initiatives, community gardens have served as catalysts for building social capital and social cohesion by establishing networks that enable collective action. The voluntary participation by local residents in the creation, establishment, and ongoing activities of a community garden instilled empowerment and sense of ownership in individuals more especially the youth.
Prior to the International Harvest Festival the coordinator of the Digging Deep project Mrs Mercy Osei Owusu Kyeremateng who is also the Director for IYEC was hosted on Jeremys show The Inspirational woman on live fm Ghana where she spoke about the International Harvest Festival.
The festival was held at the Tesano Royal Hotel and was attended by both International partners from Italy,China and Slovenia, schools as well as over 60 people from the local community where the Handbook on urban gardening was launched .


May 20, 2014
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IYEC Ghana Attends Digging Deep Project International Workshop in Palermo Italy

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The local working groups from Iyec Ghana,Cesie Italy,Cango China, and Kind Pina Slovenia comprising of 20 youth advocates  met from the 13th to the 18th of April in Palermo as part of “Digging Deep Project activities DDEEP”  which is co-financed by the European Union  within the framework of the Youth in Action Programme,  for an Urban Garden workshop aimed at giving the opportunity for the various Local Working Groups from the four countries to exchange ideas on best practices in urban gardens around the globe and countries they represented.

It was an intensive one week workshop on urban gardens, workshops on recycling, social inclusion, and non-formal education where the four local working groups had the chance to analyze different aspects of urban garden related issues and shared their experiences. There was also an update about the activities carried out by each group in different partner countries prior to the international meeting in Palermo Italy.

Non-formal learning tools were used by the participants who had the chance to put these techniques into practice. An arrangement was made as part of the workshop programme for members from the 3 partner countries from Ghana, China and Slovenia to visit the   Italian working group’s urban garden which was located in a suburb of Palermo in the new common CODIFAS garden in the Velodromo area.

There was a speech by Mr Ambrogio Vario who is an expert in urban agriculture sustainability and the President of CODIFAS after which the local working groups took possession and marked the field the Italian group would be planting on in the upcoming months.

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This was a very successful workshop which enlightened all participants. IYEC GHANA is looking forward to have its first workshop /event in Accra on urban gardening and also start planting its first local and private urban gardens. In October IYEC GHANA will be looking forward to hosting 20 participants from China, Italy and Slovenia in ACCRA GHANA comprising of the various local working groups from these countries for the final harvest of crops and the launching of the urban garden handbook which will be distributed to people from all walks of life in the various countries. IYEC GHANA was represented by its Founder who is also the Coordinator of the Digging Deep project, Mrs Mercy Kyeremateng as well as                      Mrs Edinam Afua Adjei-Sika, and Mr Mark Anthony  Kyeremateng  .

For more info on the project kindly visit  J and you are welcome to look through our gallery for pictures on the project.

Jan 15, 2014
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“Digging Deep”

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In “Digging Deep” the 4 partners – CESIE Italy, IYEC Ghana, KID PINA Slovenia and CANGO China, have come together to explore urban gardening in the framework of youth work and how can it be used for the inclusion of young people in the society, for developing employable skills, inspiring active participation of young people and raising awareness on issues of health and sustainability. 

The foreseen impact of the project is multiple and addressed to different targets: on young people, partner organizations and other civil society organizations.

    1. Exchange through mobility and non-formal activities;
    2. Improving employability through acquisition of individual and professional skills;
    3. Networking between partners by promoting capacity building and future cooperation;
    4. Raising awareness about food production, healthier contact with nature and sustainable living;
    5. Enriching the youth work practices with new tools for youth participation and social inclusion.


General Objectives:

    1. To promote young people’s active citizenship in general and their European citizenship in particular
    2. To foster mutual understanding between young people in different countries.

Specific Objectives:

    1.  To improve the mobility of young people and youth workers, as well as youth employability
    2. To promote youth empowerment and active participation
    3. To promote cooperation and the exchange of experience and good practice in the field of youth and non-formal education
    4. To develop sustainable partnerships and networks between youth organizations

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    1. Kick-off meeting in Beijing, China, on January 2014;
    2. 2 International workshops on Urban Gardening  in Palermo, Italy April 2014, and the  second one in Accra, Ghana, in October 2014.
    3. Creation of 4 Local Urban Gardening clubs (1 in each partner country);
    4. Local community event in Italy, China and Slovenia;
    5. International Harvest Festival in Accra, Ghana;
    6. Final meeting.

Tangible results

    1. 600 copies of the Urban Gardening Handbook;
    2. Digging Deep Website;
    3. Online community platform of urban gardeners;
    4. 2 online newsletters;
    5. 4 public and 4 private urban gardens


Digging Deep: IYEC Ghana is looking for youth voluntary participants for its first Urban Garden Project 2014 in Accra and Kumasi. Click here to learn more and join!

Oct 10, 2013
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Voluntary Service/Community Service Programme


community service

The voluntary service or community service programme is specially designed for young adults between the ages of 16-45 years.
With this programme young adults from all over the world can participate in going on intercultural voluntary service to Ghana. The voluntary workers will live with a Ghanaian host family which he or she will be part of the family during his or her exchange year, and at the same time work voluntarily at a school, orphanage, hospital or any other institution where he or she can offer services to the development of other people.

The programme lasts from 1 month to 12 months in Ghana. You are allowed to choose how many months you will want to be on the programme .You are assured of gaining Intercultural Experience.  During the exchange year the student will also have the chance as part of the programme package to tour around some parts of Ghana with the IYEC Ghana team. This will give the voluntary worker the chance of exploring Ghana from different parts of the region. Ghana as a country has a lot to offer young people, there are many different youth groups the community service student or worker can be part of.

Extra activities can be arranged for the student to take part in some cultural lesions for example drumming and dancing, learning how to cook traditional African dishes and a lot more. It will also be made available for the students to part of their religious bodies.
IYEC Ghana has a 24 hour supporting team who will be at the service of the voluntary worker  from day one to end. At the end of the programme an end of year party will be organized for all the exchange students and their host families.

The Programme is as such
Day 1
Pick up from airport by volunteers to the welcome hostel
Day 2
Orientation about the country and what to expect as an exchange student plus tour into the city of Accra which is the capital of Ghana
Day 3
Orientation and tour again into the city
Day 4
Pick up by various host families
Community service work and intercultural life experience begins from here.