I got the opportunity to participate in this wonderful training through IYEC Ghana. The Director of IYEC encouraged us the youth to engage in training programmes. Finally through IYEC I got a full scholarship and the opportunity to be part of a training course offered by Action Aid Ghana.

I left Accra on a Sunday afternoon wondering, how this training in Tamale was going to be like because it was my first time going to Tamale and it was an opportunity I could not afford to miss. I was so excited I was going to meet people from different part s of the country and also have the opportunity to learn from them. Tamale was actually a very quiet place with a nice environment than I expected. Upon my arrival, I got nice reception when I got to the Action aid apartments.


 First Day at training was wonderful. I met a lot of people and our trainers were Madam Dorcas and Madam Alisa, they made the atmosphere a tension-free one .We were made to introduce ourselves and were also given training materials. We briefed on the training which had the topic “Campaign and how to become an effective campaigner”

Topics we were trained on:
*Human Rights and campaign
* what an Advocacy campaign is
* How to engage with audience and targets
*How to create clear messages
*About Creativity
*How to organize creative and engaging events
*Creative documentation
*Monitoring and evaluation campaigns
In every training sections we did an “energizer” (a term used during the sections) and it was fun. After training sections, we returned to our sleeping places which gave me the opportunity to learn the languages (Dagomba and Hausa) from my roommates since they were coming from Tamale and other part of the northern region. It was not easy, I made mistakes, they laughed and we moved on. This went on for three days.