IYEC Ghana was one of the invited organizations that attended the Religious Peace Summit in Ghana regarding the recent religious leaders' peace conference held on 31st July, 2015, at the conference hall in IUC Ghana. The Programmes Director for IYEC Ghana Madam Joyce Boadi Okeyere and Mr Prince Bashiru a youth team member of IYEC represented the organization at the peace conference.

The program was organized by HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light), a non-profit and non-governmental organization


The event was carried out successfully with the help of Hon. George Koranteng, the Publicity Ambassador of IPYG. The main focus of the peace conference (WARP-'World Alliances of Religion's Peace' Conference) was to bring various religious leaders from diverse back grounds together for discussing peace based on their religious scriptures. 

 Representatives of each religion, Mr. Amardeep S. from Sikhism, Dr. Kofitse Ahadzi from Indigenous Religion, and Rev. Samuel Asiedu-Amoako from Christianity delivered their speeches regarding what is peace based on each religious perspective. 

 Among the guest speakers were Ms. Lucia Quachey and Ms. Queen Nana Awindor who delivered an impressive speech that sought to encourage ourselves to stand by HWPL and help them for sustainable peace in Ghana. 

 At the end of the conference, all organizations that represented signed to agree to work hard with HWPL for achieving peace in Ghana. 

 Over 40 attendees signed on it and had time for taking pictures with the agreement paper on their hands.