The voluntary service or community service programme is specially designed for young adults between the ages of 16-45 years.

With this programme young adults from all over the world can participate in going on intercultural voluntary service to Ghana. The voluntary workers will live with a Ghanaian host family which he or she will be part of the family during his or her exchange year, and at the same time work voluntarily at a school, orphanage, hospital or any other institution where he or she can offer services to the development of other people.

 The programme lasts from 1 month to 12 months in Ghana. You are allowed to choose how many months you will want to be on the programme .You are assured of gaining Intercultural Experience.  During the exchange year the student will also have the chance as part of the programme package to tour around some parts of Ghana with the IYEC Ghana team. This will give the voluntary worker the chance of exploring Ghana from different parts of the region. Ghana as a country has a lot to offer young people, there are many different youth groups the community service student or worker can be part of.

Extra activities can be arranged for the student to take part in some cultural lesions for example drumming and dancing, learning how to cook traditional African dishes and a lot more. It will also be made available for the students to part of their religious bodies.
IYEC Ghana has a 24 hour supporting team who will be at the service of the voluntary worker  from day one to end. At the end of the programme an end of year party will be organized for all the exchange students and their host families.

The Programme is as such

Day 1

Pick up from airport by volunteers to the welcome hostel

Day 2

Orientation about the country and what to expect as an exchange student plus tour into the city of Accra which is the capital of Ghana

Day 3

Orientation and tour again into the city

Day 4

Pick up by various host families
Community service work and intercultural life experience begins from here.