IYEC Ghana Attends Digging Deep Project International Workshop in Palermo Italy

The local working groups from Iyec Ghana,Cesie Italy,Cango China, and Kind Pina Sloveniacomprising of 20 youth advocates  met from the 13th to the 18th of April in Palermo as part of “Digging Deep Project activities DDEEP”  which is co-financed by the European Union  within the framework of the Youth in Action Programme,  for an Urban Garden workshop aimed at giving the opportunity for the various Local Working Groups from the four countries to exchange ideas on best practices in urban gardens around the globe and countries they represented.

 It was an intensive one week workshop on urban gardens, workshops on recycling, social inclusion, and non-formal education where the four local working groups had the chance to analyze different aspects of urban garden related issues and shared their experiences. There was also an update about the activities carried out by each group in different partner countries prior to the international meeting in Palermo Italy.

Non-formal learning tools were used by the participants who had the chance to put these techniques into practice. An arrangement was made as part of the workshop programme for members from the 3 partner countries from Ghana, China and Slovenia to visit the   Italian working group’s urban garden which was located in a suburb of Palermo in the new common CODIFAS garden in the Velodromo area.

There was a speech by Mr Ambrogio Vario who is an expert in urban agriculture sustainability and the President of CODIFAS after which the local working groups took possession and marked the field the Italian group would be planting on in the upcoming months.

This was a very successful workshop which enlightened all participants. IYEC GHANA is looking forward to have its first workshop /event in Accra on urban gardening and also start planting its first local and private urban gardens. In October IYEC GHANA will be looking forward to hosting 20 participants from China, Italy and Slovenia in ACCRA GHANA comprising of the various local working groups from these countries for the final harvest of crops and the launching of the urban garden handbook which will be distributed to people from all walks of life in the various countries. IYEC GHANA was represented by its Founder who is also the Coordinator of the Digging Deep project, Mrs Mercy Kyeremateng as well as Mrs Edinam Afua Adjei-Sika, and Mr Mark Anthony  Kyeremateng  .