What we do

Change is what we do

Our various programmes are as such:

Year programme: with the year programme you get to live with a lovely Ghanaian family and be part of a Ghanaian school as an intercultural exchange student, where as at the same time you have a cultural experience of your life time and take part in cultural lessons of your choice.you also have the chance to tour some parts of Ghana as part of the programme package.

Community service/voluntarily programme: with this you also get the chance to live with a Ghanaian family as part of the family and work in a Ghanaian school or in an orphanage home, children’s home, hospital,school for the deaf ,blind and many institutions you will like to work in voluntarily. you also have the chance of having a tour around some parts of Ghana its an experience you cant afford to miss.

Tour-programme: here the main purpose is to tour the country and experience some culture.

IYEC believes in networking and partnering with other organisations and institutions with similar interest and objectives.