In “Digging Deep” the 4 partners – CESIE Italy, IYEC Ghana, KID PINA Slovenia and CANGO China, have come together to explore urban gardening in the framework of youth work and how can it be used for the inclusion of young people in the society, for developing employable skills, inspiring active participation of young people and raising awareness on issues of health and sustainability. 

The foreseen impact of the project is multiple and addressed to different targets: on young people, partner organizations and other civil society organizations.


    1. Exchange through mobility and non-formal activities;
    2. Improving employability through acquisition of individual and professional skills;
    3. Networking between partners by promoting capacity building and future cooperation;
    4. Raising awareness about food production, healthier contact with nature and sustainable living;
    5. Enriching the youth work practices with new tools for youth participation and social inclusion.


General Objectives:

    1. To promote young people’s active citizenship in general and their European citizenship in particular
    2. To foster mutual understanding between young people in different countries.

Specific Objectives:

    1.  To improve the mobility of young people and youth workers, as well as youth employability
    2. To promote youth empowerment and active participation
    3. To promote cooperation and the exchange of experience and good practice in the field of youth and non-formal education
    4. To develop sustainable partnerships and networks between youth organizations


    1. Kick-off meeting in Beijing, China, on January 2014;
    2. 2 International workshops on Urban Gardening  in Palermo, Italy April 2014, and the  second one in Accra, Ghana, in October 2014.
    3. Creation of 4 Local Urban Gardening clubs (1 in each partner country);
    4. Local community event in Italy, China and Slovenia;
    5. International Harvest Festival in Accra, Ghana;
    6. Final meeting.

Tangible results

    1. 600 copies of the Urban Gardening Handbook;
    2. Digging Deep Website;
    3. Online community platform of urban gardeners;
    4. 2 online newsletters;
    5. 4 public and 4 private urban gardens


Digging Deep: IYEC Ghana is looking for youth voluntary participants for its first Urban Garden Project 2014 in Accra and Kumasi