The BOEMI –Building Our Employability skills through Music project co funded by the European commission aims at increasing the expertise of 36 youth workers from Europe and Africa through the experience of Reciprocal Maieutic Approach in the field of music and ICT. The project aims at helping the youth gain youth employability skills through involvement in a mobility experience, fostering intercultural, intergenerational and interpersonal exchanges at all levels and increasing their digital, ICT and media literacy skills.

 BOEMI aims particularly at growing youngsters’ self-esteem and feeling of belonging to society, increasing the confidence in their “unique selling points” and transforming their interest in music into employability skills. The project also intends to empower youth work organizations, developing new working methods, tools and materials based on non-formal education and experimenting music as an educational pedagogical tool.



* Study phase in all partner countries

* International Training Course for youth workers in Madrid (Spain)

* Local workshops in all partner countries

* Final Seminar in Palermo (Italy)

* Job-counselling in all partner countries

* Music events in all partner countries (Music Roadmap)


End Results

* Training Manual

* Digital platform for music sharing

* 48 youth workers’ mobility

* Final seminar and concert in Palermo