Mission / Objectives

Mission Statement

Mission Statement/Objectives

To promote peaceful coexistence and tolerance between people from different parts of the globe, and undertake development projects.

To develop the mind of the youth of today through .social, intellectual and cultural Exchange programmes.

To create opportunities and develop conditions under which members and young people can enhance their potentials, improve upon their quality of lives, and grow as responsible members of their families and as productive citizens of their families.

To train the youth for leadership capacities which will be of benefit to their own groups and communities.

To promote the recognition for the equal values of all persons and to work for national understanding irrespective of language’s, race, tribe or religion.

To work for the advancement of world understanding and peace and to develop better communication among the people of the world.

To empower the youth of today to be responsible citizens irrespective where they are Placed geographically on this mother earth.