About IYEC Ghana

About us

International youth exchange community (IYEC) is a non governmental independent organization which promotes exchange and friendship on a global scale, for the development of the youth. The organization believes that the society we live in is a very important part of a democratic culture thus emphasizes on the development of the societies most valuable assets that are the youth .

The head of the organization is based in Ghana with a branch in Denmark at the moment hoping to expand to other countries in the near future. The primary aim of the organization is to create a forum for intercultural education that will empower the youth and educators via skills for their self and community development. The organization welcomes all interested people from all walks of life to help make the world a peaceful world to live in. The organization has the following activities such as;

  • Youth Leadership training
  • Youth advocacy
  • Cultural Exchange/voluntary service
  • Adolescent reproductive health programmes
  • Student year abroad programmes
  • Community service programmes
  • Environmental programmes
  • Work Experience/Internship Programmes (15-45years)
  • Essay competitions
  • Project Development
  • Film and Theatre
  • Networking
  • Global issues
  • Environmental conservation programmes
  • Women empowerment.


Peace, stability and harmony among different cultures

Aim of Organization

The basic aim of IYEC is to make a positive change in the lives of the youth through self confidence and to make them productive citizens for a better world.

Mode of Operation

  • Online- through the World Wide Web
  • Youth clubs in various junior and senior secondary schools to University/higher education level Seminars